Preparing For The Risitan

It's summer now and I naïvely thought I would have lots of time to spend working on writing some cool things - which I have, just not as much or as productively as I had hoped. Not only did I have to find some work, but I also found myself more easily focusing on programming things. Quite a bit of work has gone into improving this website's theme over the couple months, for instance, which you can learn more about in posts on my programming blog here and here. [Read more from Preparing for the Risitan...]

Living In Aporia

Do you ever have one of those moments where you know you need to make a decision, but you don't know which one is right? Not an inconsequential decision like between wearing a blue shirt or a green shirt, but one with more severe consequences: like whether you should go to college or get a job, or which job offer to accept. You know how that feels? I've been living it for months. [Read more from Living in Aporia...]

Why I Write

There's always a reason why we do things. Why we unconsciously avoid stepping on the cracks in a tiled floor. Why we eat cupcakes from the bottom up instead of from the side. Why we listen to the music we do. Why we spend time with the people we do. Why I have a blog. Why do I have a blog? [Read more from Why I Write...]

Why I Believe

I have to ask, where is the evidence for your statement that God made the heaven and the earth? By that I mean your belief. Although I am an atheist I am trying to understand how people can keep their belief when there is no evidence to underpin that belief. – Fergal Keating (In response to this Quora answer) [Read more from Why I Believe...]

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

A fairly common complaint is about not having enough time to do whatever someone says that they would like to do - be it spend time with family, work on a personal project, or in my own case, read the Bible and post on this blog. You know what the funny thing is? We all have twenty four hours in a day to spend doing things. When it comes to day-to-day activity, no one has any more time than anyone else. [Read more from Ain't Nobody Got Time for That...]

The Christian Relationship To Sin

Walk into a number of churches from different denominations and you'll find different opinions of what sin is and what a Christian's relationship to it is. Each view has its own set of Scripture that supports it to some degree, and that makes it hard to tell which one is true. To simplify things, I'll focus on two extremes, as well as the truth that lies somewhere between them. [Read more from The Christian Relationship to Sin...]

Why God Allows Sin

In my last post I talked about why God would allow bad things to happen to people. I said that one of the biggest reasons is to show people that there is sin and that it brings about pain and death. So the next logical question is then, “Why would God allow sin in the first place?” [Read more from Why God Allows Sin...]