(A psalm of Zac) *

I am a malicious man, I call out against You on Your throne. Your altar is stainless, It is without my self-sacrifice. I do the things of the wicked: I am perverse, I hate my brothers and sisters, I envy Your sacrifice, I am prideful, I am a stumbling block to those who love You! You burden my soul, Lord! My yoke is too heavy! I am unclean: Blemished by my own desires! My hands are scarred by bricks, They are not like Your perforated hands and side, I do not bear my Cross nor strive for the goodness of You.

Lord, overwhelm and overtake my heart! Destroy my sin and rein my tongue! Bring forth in me a spring of your soul, Lord. May everyone who sees me, see You, the One who sent me. Temper my temperament, Lord! Refine it so it may be able to withstand the blows from swords and maces! Refine it so it may be able to tame the lions of my Soul! Refine it so it may be able to give doves a perch! Help me Love Goodness and hate Evil! May all that is detestable in Your sight be far from my heart, which is Yours, Lord! Awake my sleeping eyes that I may see Your glory in everything! I stumble even over my jaw, gawking at the created world, May I then be struck-dumb in awe of you who are the Creator of the greatest expanses of the Heavens!

Redeem me, oh Lord, as the bride on the day of wedding. May the Halls of Your Kingdom be full and music and shouts of joy! Redeem me, oh Lord, as the slave under the burden of hard labor. May the yokes of the world be broken! Redeem me! May Your Love never leave Your Chosen! May You make their paths straight! May Your presence fill Your servants souls: May it be like a man who draws heavy breath after a laboring exertion! Redeem me, oh Lord! I hope in You Lord, Jesus! I hope that Your death on the Cross will be the death of me, a malicious man! Give me a new spirit! Damn this old one! Help me proclaim with my lips that You are Lord! Help me believe in my heart that You were raised from the dead! Give me True Life, True Love, True Heart! Grant me temperance! Be my God! Help me be Your servant! May Your Love withstand forever and ever! Amen.

*Written by my friend Zac in the style of the Old Testament psalms