I go back to the day time stood still, to the fear of the inevitable moment when you finally give up; finally give in.

The sun's warmth mocks the chill I feel in my bones as I stand by my locker, my eyes roving the sea of faces. Please… Please let me see you among them once again.

Message after message I send and time after time I call, praying that you will pick up the phone; that you will show a sign of life.

Nothing, nothing is what you give me. How could you be so selfish? How could you leave me like this? Does my care, my love, mean nothing?

Your shadow sneaks up the tiled floor behind me. I look in your face and I see living death. You're sorry for making me worry, you say; “I overslept.”

I can't decide in my mind whether to smack you punch you hug you or cry; So I wrap you in my arms and make you promise to never scare me again.

You promise, and I desire to believe you, but as the bell rings and my tears hit the floor, I know I will feel this way again. Soon.

Years have passed since that moment, yet I find myself dwelling on that day. I wish you would talk to me. I miss you.