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First Post

Hey, guys.

I've never done a blog before, nor have much of a clue of what I am doing in making one. It's been something that has been nagging at me for a few years now, though, so... Here we go.

My original idea in creating this blog was to answer questions that other people have about Christianity, whether a non-believer confused about why we believe what we do or a believer who may be struggling in their own faith somehow. God knows I've had those struggles and if I had had someone to ask my questions to, someone who could help me figure things out, that would have made things so much easier for me. That's not to say that I'll always have answers though, or that I'll always answer questions with a blog post. Some questions I anticipate to be a simple yes/no, others best left to the experts on some other site. In that case I will provide any helpful links that I can to help answer the question, but I probably won't post that. Of course, private conversations will stay private and I will always ask if I can mention a private question in a public post.

I have two goals with this blog:

1. Reach other people with the Gospel

2. Reach myself with the same

I mentioned experts a moment ago. The truth is, I make no attempts to appear to be an "expert" in Christian matters. I do my research and try to find what the scriptures say on a topic, but that doesn't mean I knew the answer to begin with. In many cases, it will be anything but that. I used to know a good amount of the New Testament, but I spent most of high school focused on other things and lost much of that knowledge. I know enough to be confident in my faith. God has shown me enough to prevent me from having a blind faith. But there is so much left to learn and I hope that by doing this, I will begin to learn more and be better equipped to complete goal #1.

This is not a full-time project, I am sad to say. I am still a student and have a part-time job, as well as other responsibilities. I will update this when I can, with a starting goal of once a month. I will respond to emails and messages more often than that, but that is my goal for blog posts.

I appreciate any support that can be provided. To my fellow believers, prayer to not lose focus of these goals (and in general) would be amazing. In fact, I can call that my only real need. I have partially-formed plans for this website that will require money to implement, like upgrading the server space and paying for an SSL certificate, but those are more wants than needs at this point, and if I want to do any of that I can use my own money.