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Preparing For The Risitan

It's summer now and I naïvely thought I would have lots of time to spend working on writing some cool things - which I *have*, just not as much or as productively as I had hoped. Not only did I have to find some work, but I also found myself more easily focusing on programming things. Quite a bit of work has gone into improving this website's theme over the couple months, for instance, which you can learn more about in posts on my programming blog.

BluestNight: New Social Features BluestNight: Analytics, Search, and More

The entire time, though, I've been thinking about where I want to go with this story I recently started. You could say I'm becoming mildly obsessed with the story, which may be necessary in order to see it through to the end (whenever that may be). Because one of the biggest issues I have in stories is lack of continuity - which includes hand-waving over major plot points that wouldn't reasonably happen - I'm spending time building a summarized history of the universe the story takes place in. This is so I can have one static version of history that characters can reference and not an amorphous idea floating in my head. I think it will help the story feel more... real.

Risitan: Prologue TV Tropes: Handwave

This "history" will also include some backstory for each of the major characters, as well as physical descriptions and other information that will help me keep a consistent image of each one in my head. I'm also keeping track of any random ideas that come to mind while I'm showering, or working, or doing whatever else, since there have been some good ideas I wouldn't normally think of.

The writing professor I had this last year would probably tell me to allocate some time each week or even each day for writing, and he'd be right. That's a better way to start a habit than waiting for motivation to strike, at least. So here's today's writing. This weekend, I'm going to work more on that history, and maybe start the next chapter of Nightwing Begins during a break.

Nightwing: Chapter 1

That's all for now.

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