I like writing stories, so I decided I would start publishing what I’ve written here.

Nothing I publish here is to be posted or published anywhere without my express permission. Seriously, just ask. You can find a number of ways to contact me on the About page. If I have given you permission to publish my content elsewhere, please provide attribution and a link to the original on this website.

If you want to sponsor the creation of original stories by me, please click that lovely Patreon banner on the sidebar and sponsor me for as little as $1 per month. That’s less than a cup of coffee per month!

Feel free to enjoy any fan fiction that I write as well, but please do not try to sponsor me for writing fan fiction. It’s frowned upon to make money off of someone else’s creation without their permission. Fan fiction is written by me in my free time outside of the time I spend writing things I’ve been sponsored to write. Thank you.

Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: Anything linked to here is a work of fan fiction, defined as stories written by fans of a book/movie/etc. using existing characters, places, and/or anything else from the work. [Read more from Fan Fiction...]

Original Stories

Here you can find stories using original worlds and characters. Unless specified otherwise (maybe a friend or Patreon patron gave me an idea), everything found here is created by me.